Americans for Refugees     & Immigrants

​Americans For Refugees & Immigrants

08 July 2016

‘Do the right thing’: One woman’s mission to help refugees feel welcomed

17 November 2015

​Will The Paris Attack Change How We See Refugees?

We help fill the gaps where ever need be. 

28 November 2015

Supporters rally for Syrian refugees in Seattle

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"Americans for Refugees & Immigrants is dedicated to the empowerment of refugees and immigrants by facilitating successful acclimation to American society. AfRI aims to establish partnerships with local, immigrant, and refugee communities. We partner with state and local agencies and other non-profit organizations to provide refugees and immigrants with financial assistance, material resources, and connection to employment opportunities. AfRI aims to empower refugee & immigrant women to realize their rights and protections under the American justice system. We are a volunteer-based non-profit that uses public information sessions, solidarity rallies, and public-private partnerships to promote greater understanding in our communities to combat the anti-immigrant political climate. "


Our Mission 


  • Assistance with employment
  • Housing assistance
  • Holding public information sessions on Refugee Resettlement
  • Assisting immigrants & refugees get assistance with emergency expenses as burial expenses, family crisis, etc..
  • Educating new immigrants & refugees on local laws & policies
  • Assisting victims of domestic violence in a culturally sensitive manner

16 November 2015

Washington's governor welcomes Syrian immigrants despite criticism