Immediate Assistance for Incoming Refugee & Asylee

Families  - 12/24/2016 - Ongoing

We are currently working with Turkish asylee families who have moved here with the clothes on their backs and nothing else besides their faith in America.

We met them and their small children, and they represent the very best of American ideals. Although they have nothing, they still shared tea, Turkish coffee, and small treats with the ARI team yesterday as we sat together on the floors of their small Renton apartments.

They need chairs, couches, kitchen tables, books for children pre-K to 2nd grade, and any other basic goods that a young family would need.

If you have extra furniture/childrens books/household goods lying around, or would like to donate, please email us at You can reach Anny at 206-228-0405 for donating goods. You can also donate by clicking our "Donate" button.

Please help us spread the word.  There are more families coming. Thank you!

"Welcome Home" Donations Kit - ongoing

We have created a "Welcome Home" Donations Kit which enlists starter items for newly arrived refugees. Please be aware there are multiple listings for items like shampoo, comforter sets and towels. That is only to give our donors some options. Please share the list with your friends and family.

Shop on amazon and help us welcome these families to their new homes!

Thank you!

Assistance for DV victimes  - 09/26/2017 - Ongoing

WE often get calls from domestic violence victims who have knocked other doors before coming to us. All the sudden we have to assist with lawyers, housing and employment. Please help us develop a fund so that we can help the victim or victims right away instead waiting for donations to protect the victim or victims from further harm. 

Americans for Refugees     & Immigrants

​Americans For Refugees & Immigrants

Assistance for ARI operational costs and

events/rallies expenses  - 01/26/2017 - Ongoing

ARI is a team of volunteers. We fund-rasied successfully for others and run ARI with our own paychecks. The current crisis like circumstances have driven us to expand and fight back full force. Please help us expand. Help us cover costs for our operations, permits for rallies, rentals for marches and prints. Help us hold more infomation sessions. We are not 501c3 as the restrictions with 501c3 do not allow organizations to do political advocacy. Right now is not the time to chose between money and our rights. We are a registered charity in Washington state but will not be filing for 501c3. Help us fight the good fight. Donate today.